Carved Onyx and Soapstone Section

Our carved Onyx and Soapstone products are very cool and make great gifts. We import these treasures from Peru, Mexico and India.

Doves are a unique breed; they choose their mates who they will be with for a lifetime. If one should die, the survivor  will not seek another mate. Instead they will spend the rest of their lives alone. Thus the symbol of two doves means an everlasting love.
These beautiful motifs are carved from Onyx with striations of soft shades of white, brown and tan. The actual specimen may vary slightly from the picture due to the nature of the Onyx from which they are carved.

Price each: $12.00

We carry a menagerie of Soapstone Animals:

Our Soapstone Undercut animals are 3" and come from India. The color may vary from brown to green due to the nature of Soapstone. They are expertly carved from genuine soapstone.

Price Each: $8.00

Mortar & Pestle: These Green Banded Mortar and Pestle are carved out of solid onyx.
They are food safe and can be used for a variety of purposes. We use ours to grind herbs
for teas and incense. 4" tall. Color may vary slightly from picture due to the nature of
the Onyx.

Price Each: $23.00     

                                    Solid Onyx Puffed Heart: These 3" onyx Hearts make a great gift. Onyx is said to
                                     increase one's power to stay focused. Onyx is also used to ease childbirth. The color of each
                                    heart may vary from green to red striations due to the nature of the stone.
                                      Price Each: $6.00

Green Onyx Box w/Lift Off Lid: 4" X 3" X 2". This beautiful onyx box is handy for
storing keepsakes and makes an excellent gift for that special person.

    Price Each: Only $15.00

                                           These beautifully carved Black Onyx Ravens measure approximately 2.25" tall. We import                                                   these exquisite pieces from Brazil.

                                           Price Each: $11.00

Soapstone Carved Elephant Train: Own your own
herd of Elephants carved out of Soapstone in detail.
Each piece may vary slightly in color due to the nature
of Soapstone. Imported from India.

Price Each: $12.00

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