Mother Earth Gemstones

Established January 2000

This Mom & Pop shop is owned by Crick and Tracy. And "Rocks and Crystals" are our passion. We strive to offer diverse and unique specimens at the very best prices. As collectors ourselves, we appreciate the beauty of the treasures that Mother Earth offers us. Welcome to our shop...

We accept

.925 Sterling Silver Jewelery

Mother Earth Gemstones has partnered with a World Class Silversmith
To check out our Sterling Silver Jewelery section catalog, please go to
and enter our Vendor Code:  MOT92102

We have also partnered with a World Class Gemstone dealer that allows us to bring you genuine (certified) gemstones at an average of 20% off of retail prices. We specialize in loose gemstones of sapphires, rubies, emeralds, alexandrites, tsavorites, and fine diamonds. Over 9,000 gemstones in stock.                                            

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Quartz selection (Clear Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, Rose ect.)

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Mother Earth Gemstones, ships via USPS Priority Mail. Please allow us 2 - 7 days to process and ship your order.

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